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Teddy Approved was established in 2022, with the purpose of helping upcoming artists get started in storytelling and the visual arts. We are a for-profit business that acts like a nonprofit. Here’s the thing, people who work for us need to earn a living and if they have to work a full-time job and then volunteer for us they aren’t spending time with their families like they should and they aren’t able to put their total effort into what we’re doing. If we operate as a for-profit business, and pay our people so they are working with us full time, we have happy employees and families and can get some stuff done. Whoever said you can’t make money and still give a crap ton away, definitely not us. We’re committed to providing opportunities for upcoming artists and going above and beyond to ensure our community is being served at the same time. We welcome you to review our site to see what we’re working on.

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Our Background

Our entire family has been working in ministry since I can remember and all of us are ordained ministers (not Teddy, he's a little young yet), so when I decided to take the step into the visual arts it was only natural I turned it into an opportunity to help others. I've been doing photography for 26 years as a hobby, and although I took a break from it for a few years to raise children and run a carpentry business, my passion for it never faded. After having a bad car accident that ruined my carpentry business, I had to figure out a new path. I've always loved storytelling and I've written several books (one was published a few years ago and two more should be out shortly) I'm a huge movie buff, so it seemed like the logical path to go into filmmaking as it blends all of my skills into one.

I just graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree in digital filmmaking and even though it was hard working full time, doing school full time, and getting this Teddy Approved going I'm loving every minute of it. Why is that? Because I found my calling. Pastor John Gray was quoted saying, “You're called, you can’t run from it, you can’t deny it, you can’t pass it off, because you’re called. God knew what He was doing. He knew who He was calling, and He expertly and intricately detailed every aspect of your life, your being, your persona, your psyche, your physicality. Everything about you from the texture of your hair, to the color of your eyes, to the way that you laugh, to the fingerprint on your thumb. Everything is connected to your calling. Until you walk into the fullness of the things that you were called for you will find yourself frustrated."

We’ll be publishing our first book as Teddy Approved Publishing any day now. And in the near future, a school with a recording studio, and a film studio. We also plan to branch out into helping families who are struggling financially with affordable housing, and Healing and Learning Centers.

If this is your calling and you want to jump in on what we are doing, reach out today.


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Matthias Verse Productions

Matthias Verse Productions

Matthias Verse Productions
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Finders Keepers Short Film Teaser

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Meeting Day

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